Terms and Conditions of Digital Goods

Common Rules and Guidelines

  • Issue Resolution Time: Any issue you face will be resolved within 72 hours of reporting it.
  • Refund Policy: Once you have placed an order, you cannot claim a refund.
  • Refund Processing Time: If you are eligible for a refund and request one, it will be processed within 7 business days of receiving your refund request.
  • Special Rules: Some products may have specific rules in their product description. Read and understand these rules, which may differ from those mentioned here.
  • Wrong Information: If you provide incorrect information two or three times or fail to respond properly, we may need to cancel your order without refund.
  • Age Limitation: Users must be 18 years of age or older to purchase from this website. We are not liable for any purchases made by minors.
  • Delivery Time: Our delivery time policy stipulates a maximum delivery timeframe of 72 hours, but actual delivery times may vary based on the specific product ordered. In most cases, we aim to deliver within 24 hours for optimal customer satisfaction.
  • Unauthorized Activities: Engaging in activities aimed at causing harm or disruption to the account will lead to forfeiture of any refund entitlement, and your subscription will be terminated. Such activities encompass alterations to account details, payment transactions, or cancellation actions.
  • Order Termination: We retain the right to cancel a subscription without specifying a reason if deemed necessary.

AI Subscription

  • Account Responsibility: We are not responsible if your account gets banned due to a violation of rules.
  • Subscription Cancellation: If you cancel your subscription, you will not receive any further services. To continue using the services, you will need to purchase a new subscription.
  • Subscription Problems and Refunds: If you face any issues with your subscription that cannot be resolved, you can claim up to a maximum of 50% refund. This refund amount can be adjusted towards your next AI subscription order if possible. Otherwise, a refund will be given.
  • Refund Eligibility: You will not be eligible for any refund if 25 days have passed since the start of your 1-month subscription.
  • 1-Year Subscription Warranty: There is no full warranty for a 1-year subscription. For more information about this matter, please contact the helpline.

OTT, VPN, Music, and Educational Subscriptions

  • Monthly Package Warranty: The monthly package includes a warranty, but you cannot make any claims or refunds after 25 days for any problems.
  • Refunds for Unresolved Issues: If a problem cannot be resolved, you will receive a refund subtracting the number of days you have used the services.
  • Longer Packages: For packages longer than one month, contact the support team to inquire about warranty details.

License Key & Gift Card

  • Prompt Key Usage: When you receive a license key or gift card, make sure to use it promptly.
  • Complaint Timeframe: Any complaints regarding issues with the key cannot be accepted after 24 hours from the time of delivery.
  • Reporting Concerns: It is important to report any concerns or problems with the key within the first 24 hours of receiving it.